The Super Dimensional Robot Tournament

Un Acguy fait d'Acguys...C’est exactement hier que la compétition Sai Mecha: The Super Dimensional Robot Tournament s’est ouverte aux participations. Le but de ce tournoi un peu particulier consiste à laisser les participants sélectionner le « mecha des mechas » par leur vote, à travers plusieurs rounds de nominations et de qualifications puis d’éliminations. Le tout bien évidemment dans la plus franche bonne humeur puisqu’il s’agit avant tout de s’amuser.

Voici le règlement (voir l’article complet) :

Nominations Phase – Beginning this Saturday I will accept nominations by email for contestants in the tournament for two week. RULES: email me at executiveotaku AT gmail DOT com with a list of up to, but no more than, 15 mecha. They can be from any anime series, but please no mecha from video games or manga-only models. This will make it easier for me to acquire the necessary information and images. Nominations will close at 12am on Sunday, April 9 unless otherwise announced.


The Preliminary Phase – This will take place over two weeks with 4 polls every 4 days starting Saturday. There will be a one day break in between each round. This phase is to test the procedures of the tournament, increase interest, and generally help ensure that the tournament proper runs smoothly. I semi-randomly chose 8 contestants and randomly entered them into a bracket. The prize for the winner: the Sai Mecha site’s banner image will be changed to an illustration of the victor! View the (hastily assembled) bracket here.

The Tournament Phase – After I’ve tallied all the nominations I will select the 32 mecha with the highest number of nominations. They will then be randomly assigned to a single-elimination bracket and voting will then proceed on a timetable similar to that of the preliminary phase. This, again, is subject to change as this is an entirely new sort of endeavor for me.

Simple, non ? Alors n’hésitez pas à vous laisser tenter, ni même à passer l’information autour de vous : plus on est de fous et plus on rit.


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